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Revolver Canada 0020

Artist: Jeff Milligan, , &
Title: Collaboration Series Vol. 1
Release date: 2007-09-03
Catalog #: 0020
Format: MP3 Exclusive

RevolverCanada 0020 is the beginning of a new era in our label's history. This EP is a digital exclusive and each and every release into the future will only be available as a digital release. To pay homage to our vinyl ancestors our graphics motif and presentation will remain the same... 3 trackers, with a-side and b-side orientation on our luvly new green pantone.
Why did we make this decision? We went 100% digital to make a statement. Vinyl is simply unnecessary, wasteful, an environmental travesty, undemocratic and straight up... simply bad karma. No more oil, no more paper, no more gasoline guzzling...rocket fuel burning transport, no more vinyl pushing totalitarians lording over the poorer, geographically impaired electronic musicians and labels of the world that can't afford to buy or make records.. Someone out there is reading this right now and has decided to hate on us, and sure, we understand, we can't win em all, but we highly encourage angry luddites to join the future. Techno isn't for technophobes. They say “MP3's kill Vinyl”. We say “Vinyl kills the Earth”. It's time for electronic music to take it's final drink of fossil fuel.

Volume 1. of the COLLABORATION SERIES, is the debut of a special project on RevolverCanada. In this series, our crew get the chance to ask three of their favourite artists (who haven't appeared on RevolverCanada before) to collaborate on an EP. Introducing this series, label manager Jeff Milligan collaborates alongside labelmate Mike Shannon, and his other good friends, Fenin and [a]pendics.shuffle. In all cases Jeff wrote the original loops + samples and created the micro-arrangements then passed em off to Mike, Lars and Ken to finish them up, adding elements and polishing off final arrangements.


1) "shishima's claw" : w+p by jeff milligan + mike shannon

Mike and Jeff have appeared together before under the Jonny Larue and Sid Dithers alias (TicTacToe, Onitor). Mike really took the fundamental parts of this mix to it's logical next step and added a few more notes to the melodic interval and shannonized Jeff's quirckiness. Once it's in your head, we're afraid it will be stuck there for a while. ;)


1) "fatty stallion" : w+p by jeff milligan + [a]pendics.shuffle

This collaboration really shows a well balanced hybrid of Jeff and Ken's independent influences. The mix rolls relentlessly down a hollow well into a haunted house where a stand-up comedian addresses his phantom audience.

2) "where is when?" : w+p by jeff milligan+l.fenin

Deep in dub, Lars Fenin meets Jeff and takes us back. Broken, pretty, dubwise.

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REV 0020
Artist: Jeff Milligan, , &
Title: Collaboration Series Vol. 1
Catalog #: 0020
Format: MP3 Exclusive
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